Advanced Zonal Infiltration Measurement Method for Multifamily Buildings

A Novel Test Procedure to Determine Air Leakage Through External and Internal Surfaces


Measuring air infiltration through the external building envelope as well as between adjacent zones within a building is important since air leakage is related to increased energy use and poor indoor air quality (IAQ). State of the art methods can determine both leakages, however it can be both time consuming and labor intensive as it requires running both guarded and compartmentalization tests. This paper presents our work on developing a simplified testing procedure to determine power law flow equation leakage parameters of both external and internal boundaries of tested zones. The proposed Zonal Multipoint Pressure Test (ZMPT) method modulates airflow in the zone using a variable airflow measurement panel (mounted in either a window or the door), and solving the mass balance equations for the leakage parameters. ZMPT results were compared to conventional test results and found to correlate to within +/-7%.

In ASHRAE Winter Conference 2021